FlipStop Measure 3.05m RIGHT to LEFT


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Product Code  FlipStop Measure 3.05m RIGHT to LEFT
Make:  FlipStop
Model:  FlipStop Measure 3.05m RIGHT to LEFT

Self Adhesive Measure for Flipstop Track with highly legible black on yellow markings. This measure reads from right to left (←5←4←3←2←1) 3.05m/10ft long x 19mm wide graduated Metric and Inches.


If you have ordered the tape, or the complete kit, please do not open the tape measure until you are 100% sure you are keeping the item.
The reason being is that the tape is sticky backed, and if the tape gets any artifacts on the tape, it is not possible for us to re-sell the item, and therefore we are unable to refund you.  


Product Code: FlipStop Measure 3.05m RIGHT to LEFT


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