Pertici 332P Double Mitre Saw - #2840


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Product Code  2840
Make:  Pertici
Model:  332P
Year:  2001
Machine Video:  view video
Actual Machine Picture(s):  NO - Library picture, actual pictures upon request

We are advertising this machine on behalf of someone else. The Pertici 332P double mitre saw, which is ideal for uPVC aluminium fabricators cutting smaller sections. 

According to the Pertici datasheet*, the machine has the following specifications:

"UNIVER 332P/332IP - 330P/330IP cutting machines are particularly suitable for cutting plastic profiles (mainly pvc) and profiles made of light alloys and similar materials.
They have two heads, one fixed and one with fast or micrometric linear movement. The cutting length can be read on a millimetre rule bar, magnified with a magnifying glass.
The two operating units have adjustable plates for making cuts up to 45 degrees, both right and left, whereas the saw blade heads can be set at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal axis.

All the models are available in three versions with different maximum cutting lengths. A special mobile guard closes in the saw blade completely, guaranteeing operator protection.
In the "P" models, the blade lowering is powered by pneumatic actuators, and in the "IP" models by hydropneumatic actuators.
A two-handed device keeps both hands occupied during the cutting. All models have horizontal and vertical clamping actuators and a mode selector to allow the machine to be used as a single cutting machine."
*Source: Pertici datasheet available upon request or from the Pertici website.

Product Code: 2840


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