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Product Code  2785
Make:  Elumatec
Model:  ES 710
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The Elumatec ES 710 Lv is a very popular single head welder. The picture* shows it without the supporting arms, however the machine does come with the arms.

The machine features the following**:

"Infinitely adjustable fences enable the welding of all angles between 30° - 180°.

Automatic adjustment of the melting time for different  profile cross sections by sensor - controlled burn - off time.

Maintenance friendly, for example cleaning of the heater plates and changing of the Teflon is very easy thanks to special clamp springs.

Optimum welding results by means of parallel table movement.

Easy changing of the profile setting plate for different  burn - off (standard 6 mm).

Corrosion proof guide rails on the welding head.

Width L - heater plate 340 mm

Height L - heater plate 300 mm

Max. profile width at 90° - 180 mm

Max. profile width at 180° - 220 mm

Max. profile height 170 mm

Min. profile height 40 mm

Min. profile height with special back fence 20 mm

Range of angle setting 30° - 180°

Power supply 230 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz

Power output 2,2 kW

Compressed air supply 6 - 8 bar

Air consumption per welding cycle 35 l

Heater plate temperature control 0 - 300° C

Welding burn-off 6 mm

Welding time setting range in sec. starting from 0

Cooling time setting range in sec. starting from 0

Length 920 mm, width 950 mm, height 1.940 mm"


** Source: www.Elumatec.com

Product Code: 2785

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