Elumatec GF 171 Copy Router Triple Drill - #2826

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Product Code  2826
Make:  Elumatec
Model:  GF 171
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The Elumatec GF 171 is a triple drill router with a top router.

According to the Elumatec datasheet, the machine has the following specifications:

"Height adjustable triple spindle drill unit with automatic feed for working on two planes without re-clamping the material
Door processing.
Routing to stops or templates in 1:1 Ration
Double acting pneumatic copy pin for two different tool diameters.
Spindle lock for quick tool change.
Pneumatic material clamps.

Techincal Information:

Routing capacity horizontal with length stop 300 x 120mm.
Routing capacity horizontal with copy template 285 x 110mm.
Clamping capacity for sections with drilling unit 150 x 130mm.
Stroke 105mm.

Power Supply 230/400V, 3~, 50 Hz.
Power output router motor 0.74kW.
Routing spindle speed 12000 r.p.m.
Power output drilling motor 1.05kW
Drilling spindle speed 750 r.p.m
Compressed air supply 7 Bar.
Air comsumption per working cycle 12l
Length 780mm, width 930mm, height 1545mm, weight 230kg."

The photos shown are of those of one we have sold previously.

* Source: Information and Photo taken from Elumatec Website: http://www.elumatec.com/EN/Produkte/Produktdatenblaetter/elumatec_GF171.pdf

Product Code: 2826


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