Elumatec TS 161 Up Cut Saw

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Product Code  ELUL8XK490
Make:  Elumatec
Model:  TS 161
Actual Machine Picture(s):  NO - Library picture, actual pictures upon request

The Elumatec TS 161/20  is a very popular upcutting bead saw. Ideal for aluminium as well as pvc bead cutting. It has a manual clamping system, base and new saw blade. 

According to the Elumatec website* the machine has the following specifcations:

"Accurate cutting cycles are achieved by the short upward saw stroke.
Wide angle cutting range of up to 0° to the right and up to 45° to the left.
Small dimensions with large cutting capacity.
The back fence is adjustable to allow optimum use of the saw blade capacity for wide and flat profiles.

Technical information
Saw blade diameter 280 mm
Spindle speed 3200 r.p.m."
*Source: http://www.elumatec.com/EN/Produkte/Produktdatenblaetter/elumatec_TS161.pdf

Please note we can not be held for any inaccuracies. The machine does not come with the measuring device, this is an optional extra.


Product Code: ELUL8XK490


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