550mm x 50mm Bore x 108 Teeth ELUMATEC AKS 134 & GRAULE AS U 550 TYPE

£360.00 £270.00

Stock Level: 9

Product Code  550x50x108x44
Make:  WMS
Model:  550x50x108x4.4

This saw blade has the following specifications:

High Quality T.C.T Saw Blade made in Sweden.

Diameter: 550mm

Bore Size: 50mm

Number of teeth: 108

Teeth Width: 4.4mm

This saw is suitable for the Elumatec AKS 134 amongst others.

Please note this saw blade has slightly less teeth (2 less) than the official Elumatec saw blade.

Please check your previous saw blade to confirm.

Product Code: 550x50x108x44


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