Mepal IT 350 End Miller - Manual


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Product Code  Mepal _IT_350
Make:  Mepal
Model:  Mepal IT 350
Year:  Brand New
Actual Machine Picture(s):  Yes

This brand new end miller has a manual head movement, able to mill at 45/90/45 degrees and intermediate degrees with the quick changing of the cutter block.
It is equipped with a spindle at 2800 rpm with a useful 390mm stroke, whilst the maximum cutter size is 200mm. The cutter block is 32mm.

6 depth stops aid the speed of milling different profile depths, whilst a pneumatic lubrication system allows for smooth aluminium milling.

The machine runs off a 3 phase motor, 2.5 HP and requires 7 bar of air pressure.

The overall dimensions are 104 x 72 x 130cm. The weight is 140kg.


Product Code: Mepal _IT_350


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